Mo’ Pickaxes v 4.0.0 for minecraft


Mo’ Pickaxes v 4.0.0 for minecraft

You love spending hours in the Minecraft world, digging in the earth and looking for precious materials. Pickaxe is a very basic tool that is used in the game. One needs it not only to survive but do a lot more that just creating homes and looking for wood. How about designing your own pickaxe with different options? Mo Pickaxes mod will help you make 21 new varieties of pickaxes. Now you can really do something awesome with them as well as some thing weird. Although carrying the same pattern, there are tons of options with them.

The 21 new pickaxes can be used for a number of purposes. Here is a list of pickaxes – Mega Pickaxe, Mossystone Pickaxe, Magma Pickaxe. Lapis Pickaxe, Obsidian, Emerald Pickaxe, Sandstone Pickaxe, Ender Pickaxe, Dirt Pickaxe, Bread Pickaxe, Gravel Pickaxe, Bomb Pickaxe, Netherrack Pickaxe, Extreme Pickaxe, Glowstone Pickaxe, Soulsand Pickaxe, Coal Pickaxe, Redstone Pickaxe, Wool Pickaxe, Snow Pickaxe and Glass Pickaxe.

Go ahead and explore the above collection of brand new variations in these pickaxes. Completely enchantable, the mod is updated to work with recent Minecraft version Get 21 brand new pickaxes that can be weird to powerful. It is definitely worth checking out this wonderful mod.

Installation Steps

1. Navigate to the Start Menu
2. Start typing %appdata% and look for .minecraft
3. Download Minecraft Forge and install
4. Download More Pickaxes zip and extract the files
5. Open Minecraft.jar and place More Pickaxes Mod files here
6. Run minecraft
7. You are all set to play.

Installing the Mo' Pickaxes mod is easy and you shouldn't be having a problem.