GrowAble Ores Mod For Minecraft


GrowAble Ores Mod For Minecraft

If you are looking for new plants and some more ores in your Minecraft world, then install Plant Ores Mod. Now you can add 7 new types of plants into your game. But there is a certain order to craft the seed. The seeds grow just like abnormal plant. One can plant the seeds near a water sources and on a tilled land. One can use custom bone meal for crafting. Take advantage of all 7 ores to craft and get different quantities.

You will find that these ores grow bit by bit and slowly and diamonds are even a lot slower. One can follow two procedures to get each category of seed and these are duplication and upgrades. As duplication is cheaper, one should take advantage of it. There is certain order for up-gradations and that is coal, then redstone, followed by iron, and lapis, gold, diamond, emerald. The ores grow faster under light and water and can be grown in a similar way to potatoes, carrots and wheat.


• X- stands for Wheat Seed
• O stands for Ore
• Use different ores like Iron Ingot, Coal, Diamond, Gold Ingot, Lapis, Redstone, Emerald
• Placeon tilled land just like wheat, melon, pumpkin
• Grow ores
• Lace them near a water source

Installation Steps

Follow these steps and instructions carefully and these are currently only for windows. Make sure to close minecraft first before installing any Mods.

1. The first step is to download the installer.
2. Double click on the installer and click on the Install button.
3. You will get a message saying that it is done

Now just close installer and start your minecraft. The mod is installed! The new installer is much enhanced when backing and restoring.