GemMod [Lightning Striking Swords] for minecraft


GemMod [Lightning Striking Swords] for minecraft

If you are looking for some new cool features in Minecraft, then you certainly need GemMod. Minecraft players know very well that diamonds are a big part of the game. In fact for every player, Diamonds are the first major achievement as they can help you make some useful tools. Diamonds are the perfect mineral but with GemMod, you get a lot more variety in these precious ores such as amethyst, sapphire, sapphire, topaz, emerald etc.

Enjoy three new biomes Sandstorm, Overworld Nether and Dead. There are new weapons as well as new armors. The tools include Assassin Sword, Red Gem Sword, Ice Sword. There are plenty of new ores such as Silver Ore, Fossil Ore, Blue Glow Ore, Red Gem Ore along with new GUI. There is one new mob, 55 new items, 17 new gems, 17 new blocks. You will find the hardness of each block very much like the hardness in real life. The spawn rate of the blocks points to the scarcity of the elements in real life. There are Mobs, Swords, Trampolines, GUI, and much more from the GemMod.

New Features

• Enjoy three new biomes
• Blue Gem Tools are superior to diamond.
• Red Gem Tools will last monger than diamond
• Make use of those Silver Tools that are similar to diamonds
• New Weapons & Tools and Armor
• New Mobs & Blocks

Installation Steps

1. Set up ForgeModLoader into the minecraft.jar.
2. Click on the start button
3. Now type run in the search bar or on XP go to run.
4. type %appdata% in run
5. Go to .minecraft
6. Take the zip from “place contents in mods folder”
7. Place it in the mods folder