Extreme Dungeons Mod for minecraft


Extreme Dungeons Mod for minecraft

If you like to explore those deep dark areas in your Minecraft world, then Extreme Dungeons Mod is just right for you. After all there is lot hidden under those dark and musty corridors and a lot going on under the surface. It can be terrifying in those haunting depths that well below the surface and this cool new mod can add whole new dimensions to the underground areas in the game. You will like being there in those mine shafts and deep dungeons. Moreover the mod is the easiest to install as there is no need of Modloader or Forge.

Now, one can add multiple layers to dungeons with some amazing new spawners and more loot. It is time to explore and fight through those dark and dreary depths with much more diamonds and other rare items to loot.
New features

• Come across dungeons chests filled with diamond blocks
• Find golden apples. ghast tears, lapis blocks along with gold and iron
• instead of Mossy Cobblestone, you find Emerald Ore
• instead of cobblestone, find Mossy Cobblestone

But wait! Before you march ahead to get all that loot, you need to earn them. You have to fight some insane monsters, cave spider, creepers, and enderman spawners first. Extreme Dungeons Mod is compatible with Minecraft 1.4.7. Now you get no more of some lame loot for all the hard work. The loot is for real this time. The more difficult the area, the more lucrative is the loot.

Installation Steps

Follow the given instructions to install the mod.

1. Navigate to the Start Menu
2. Now type in %appdata% and look for minecraft
3. Move to the minecraft.jar and open with a program for extraction such as WinRAR
4. Download the Extreme Dungeons file
5. Run minecraft
6. Get ready to play